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Waterfall Sculptures Backdrop

The Waterfall at the Smith Building

It will be about three years before the plantings fill in, but already the new waterfall installed in front of the Smith Building in the spring of 2008 is drawing admiration and complements from across campus and from other  landscaping professionals. Created as an attractive handicapped entryway from the Lower Quad to the second floor of Smith, the area containing the rock waterfall and a handicapped ramp was planted with 127 conifers, 150 perennials, 60 gardenias, and approximately 20 trees donated by Bill Cobb. The trees  include hollies, cedars, Japanese maples and Italian Cypress. Don Greene Landscaping was a subcontractor working with USC Upstate’s Landscape Services to install the eye-catching waterfall which can circulate 160 gallons of water a minute. Look for attractive benches to be installed soon.

View the Waterfall Photo Gallery here.

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