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Hiring On-Campus Student Worker Quick Links:

Two Categories for Funding On Campus Student Workers:

  • Work-Study: A federal program that provides jobs for undergraduate and graduate students with financial need, allowing them to earn money to help pay education expenses. The program encourages community service work and work related to your course of study. On-campus employers who use this program pay only 25 percent of the student’s wage. If students use their award limit, then the department will pay the full 100 percent.
  • On-Campus Employment: An employment program that allows departments on campus to hire students for work. The department pays 100 percent of the student’s wages.

Planning/Budgeting for Student Workers:

  • Determine the job/tasks for which a student worker is needed
  • Develop a position description to include competencies and other requirements
  • Determine the amount of time they will be needed – how many hours per week and how many weeks total
  • Determine how much money will need to be allocated in your budget based on the information in step two
  • If necessary, request unbudgeted dollars to be added to your budget
  • Supervisor will request though the budget office

You should never hire a student without having the money in your budget prior to contacting MySpartanJob.com.

Hiring a Student Worker
To post or repost a work-study or on-campus student position, follow the link to USC Jobs and complete a requisition. This submitted form provides MySpartanJob.com with the necessary information to post the position.

  1. Your position will be posted on MySpartanJob.com and the job-posting board located in the Stockwell Administration Building, 3rd floor. Students can register for RSS feeds of new postings.
  2. Student can apply for jobs as they are viewing the available positions, using the temporary application.
  3. Student applications are viewed and managed in USC Jobs Online Employment. Managers will manage each application online.
  4. Once the decision is made to hire a student, the on-campus employer must complete the student worker hiring form through the Student Employment Portal to place the student on the payroll.
  5. The hired student needs to fill out the I-9 and W-4 forms with MySpartanJob.com only if they are a first-time hire. NOTE: A student must fully complete the I-9 before the end of the first day of work. This form may be completed BEFORE the student starts to work. This requirement applies to Assistantships and One-Time-Pays, as well as hourly paid students using ITAMS.
  6. If the student position is a work-study position, the student must supply the department with a copy of the award letter.
  7. Students can view their pay stubs via VIP/Past Paychecks. Most first-time paychecks will be picked up by the student at the cashiers' windows in the Health Education Complex.
  8. When you update the application for students who applied through USC Jobs Online Employment, the job posting can be removed. Contact Ron Patane to remove posting.
  9. Hiring managers should print, review and have the student employee sign the confidentiality agreement. Keep this agreement in the student's file in the hiring department.

International Students
International students who have F-1 (student) visa status may apply for on-campus employment opportunities at USC Upstate. Social security numbers are not required to apply for an on-campus job. If the student is offered a position, the campus employer must send an e-mail to Donette Stewart to confirm employment before a letter can be issued to present to the Social Security Administration to apply for a social security number. The Social Security Administration does not issue social security numbers for F-1 visa holders without verification of employment from USC Upstate.


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