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University Assessment and Compliance

Population Analyses

Each year, the Office of Institutional Effectiveness and Compliance analyzes USC Upstate student population characteristics to provide data used for strategic planning and assessment of operations. Reports of freshmen, graduates and transfers are completed and reflect trends in demographics, performance, retention and matriculation as appropriate.

Freshmen Analyses

2009 Freshmen Analysis 
2007 Freshmen Analysis
2006 Freshmen Analysis
2005 Freshmen Analysis
2004 Freshmen Analysis

Transfer Analyses

2008 Transfer Analysis

Graduate Reports

2005-2009 Graduates Analysis

Institutional Effectiveness Reports


These comprehensive reports, submitted to the Commission on Higher Education (CHE) annually, include information about the program, general education and program assessment.  

2016 IE Report
2015 IE Report

2014 IE Report
2013 IE Report
2012 IE Report
2011 IE Report
2010 IE Report
2009 IE Report
2008 IE Report
2007 IE Report
2006 IE Report
2005 IE Report
2004 IE Report
2003 IE Report
2002 IE Report
2001 IE Report
2000 IE Report
1999 IE Report
1998 IE Report
1997 IE Report  

State Accountability Reports

2016 State Accountability Report
2015 State Accountability Report
2014 State Accountability Report
2013 State Accountability Report
2012 State Accountability Report
2011 State Accountability Report
2010 State Accountability Report
2009 State Accountability Report
2008 State Accountability Report
2007 State Accountability Report

University Surveys

The University believes that feedback from our constituents is integral to assessment of our activities and effectiveness. The Office of Institutional Effectiveness administers a variety of annual and one-time survey instruments to obtain this feedback and to assist in determining overall satisfaction with the University's pursuits.

Click here to review results of some of the University's survey endeavors.


The University of South Carolina Upstate has participated in the National Survey of Student Engagement (NSSE) and the Faculty Survey of Student Engagement (FSSE) through Indiana University Bloomington. These surveys gather information from first-year and senior students (NSSE) and faculty (FSSE) about the nature and quality of the undergraduate experience to measure the extent to which students engage in effective educational practices that are empirically linked with learning, personal development and other desired outcomes such as student satisfaction, persistence and graduation.  The next surveys will be distributed during the fall of 2015.

2012 NSSE & FSSE
Comparison Groups 

2009 NSSE & FSSE
Comparison Groups

2007 NSSE & FSSE
Comparison Groups

General Education

A General Education Program by definition offers students a common academic experience and stimulates an appetite for life-long education. Mandatory ingredients of this program include the acquisition of college-level skills in communication and reasoning and exposure to the basic areas of knowledge that characterize an educated person. An effective general education program should cultivate an appreciation of cultural as well as intellectual diversity as well as the ongoing cultivation of personal integrity and social responsibility. The conditions necessary for such desired character development are therefore embedded in the USC Upstate General Education program:  building skill and knowledge-based foundations for continued learning and living in a complex global society, expanding the breadth of students’ scholarly horizons and integrating information from across disparate disciplines.

Click here to go to USC Upstate's General Education Site which includes goals, curriculum and assessment.

Administrative Assessment

In order to ensure all USC Upstate administrative areas are in compliance with the standards of SACS and SC Commission on Higher Education, all units are asked to examine their day-to-day responsibilities and create outcomes that reflect these duties. Each unit submits an annual report of quantitative and/or qualitative assessment of these outcomes and any actions or modifications that have been or will be made based on the assessment. An annual revision to the unit assessment plan is also submitted.

Click here
to go to USC Upstate's Administrative Assessment Site which includes assessment plans and reports.

Program Assessment

Click here to go to USC Upstate's Program Assessment Site which includes assessment plans and reports.

Document Retention and Archive Schedule

In order to ensure legal compliance, USC Upstate has generated a schedule all employees are obliged to adhere to. This schedule explains the legal requirements for the keeping or disposing of documents and archives your office might generate.

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