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General Education Curriculum and Assessment

A General Education Program by definition offers students a common academic experience and stimulates an appetite for life-long education.  Mandatory ingredients of this program include the acquisition of college-level skills in communication and reasoning and exposure to the basic areas of knowledge that characterize an educated person.  An effective general education program should cultivate an appreciation of cultural as well as intellectual diversity, and the ongoing cultivation of personal integrity and social responsibility.  The conditions necessary for such desired character development are therefore embedded in the USC Upstate General Education program: building skill and knowledge-based foundations for living in a complex global society and for continued learning, expanding the breadth of students’ scholarly horizons, and integrating information from across disparate disciplines.

General Education Policies and Procedures
Approved February 2010

 Competency Alignment Form (for new or existing courses) 

General Education Competency Assessment Team (CAT) Reports  


Competency 1: Communication
Competency 2: Mathematical Reasoning and Scientific Inquiry
Competency 3: Critical Thinking
Competency 4: Globalization and Diversity
Competency 5: Information Technology Literacy


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