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Registration Information for New Non-Degree Seeking Students

Registering for fall classes is as easy as 1, 2, 3...

1. Set your VIP ID password to access Self Service Carolina
Self Service Carolina is a website where you’ll manage your business with the University: complete enrollment steps, register for classes, view grades, review financial aid information and pay your bill. To set up access to Self Service Carolina, you’ll need two pieces of information: your VIP ID and the last four digits of your USC ID. Both can be found on your acceptance letter. Once you have both numbers in hand, go to my.sc.edu/vipid and click on "I am a new user who has never used my VIP ID and need to establish my password." Follow the steps to set your password. If you have forgotten your password or need to change it, return to my.sc.edu/vipid and follow the steps to reset your password.

2. Login to Self Service Carolina.
Once you have your VIP ID and password, you can login to the Self Service Carolina system and check your registration time. After logging in, click on the Student tab, then the Registration tab, and finally Registration Status. From here you will be able to see when you can register for classes, and any holds that may prevent you from registering.

3. Register for classes.
Once you are able to register (after your scheduled date and time), login to Self Service Carolina, click on the Student tab, then the Registration tab, then Add or Drop Classes. From here you will be able to search the schedule and complete the registration process. Be sure to select the Upstate campus from the top dropdown menu. Then you'll need to select a subject (hold the CTRL button on your keyboard to select more than one subject to search). Choose "Add" / "Drop" / "Change Section", then enter the 5-digit CRN code. Select "View" to see what sections are available. Repeat until all your courses have been added or dropped.

Fee Payment
When you have finished registering, select "Registration," then "Fee Assessments" to access your fees. When your bill is correct, including housing if applicable, pay your fees to complete the total process. All fees must be paid before the posted cancellation date to avoid having your schedule cancelled.

Need help with registration?
A staff member in the Records Office will be glad to introduce you to the new system and help you register for classes.

Drop/Add and Section Changes

  • The last day to add a course or make a section change is the third day of class.
  • After you have completed registration, you may drop, add and make section changes until the third day of class. Simply consult with your advisor and use Self Service Carolina to make necessary adjustments to your schedule.
  • Students adding and dropping beyond the 100% refund period may incur additional fees.
  • Beginning the 6th day of the semester, a “W” is recorded for courses dropped.

Corrections and Changes
The University reserves the right to cancel classes, change instructors and/or change class times as necessary to meet all the needs of the institution. The academic schedule is subject to change.

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