Walkway Fall 2

The Editorial Board

 Melissa Pilgrim 2Dr. Melissa Pilgrim 

Dr. Pilgrim is an Associate Professor of Biology. Her primary research focus involves an integrative approach to investigating how ecosystems respond to environmental change (natural and anthropogenic). She uses herpetological systems as her animal models and currently has an army of undergraduate students working with her in a research group called Upstate Herpetology. She has published works in several journals, including the following: Isotopes in Environmental and Health Studies; OIKOS; Copeia; and, Southeastern Naturalist.

 journal-elnagarDr. Gamal Elnagar
Associate Editor Dr. Elnagar is a Professor of Mathematics. His research interests include Optimal Control Theory in Climate Modeling and Economic Applications, Numerical Solution of Nonlinear Conservation Laws. He has published works in several journals, including the following international journals: Computer Mathematics; Numerical Functional Analysis & Optimization; Computational & Applied Mathematics; and, Differential Equations & Applications.


journal-carterDr. June Carter
Associate Editor  

Dr. Carter is a Professor of Spanish and Director of the Center for Teaching Excellence. Her research interests include Latin American narrative and film; Afro-Hispanic literature; Latin American female writers; US Latino/a literature. She has published works in several journals, including the following: Anuario de Letras; Latin American Literary Review; Caribbean Quarterly; The Rocky Mountain Review; Prismal Cabral; and, Studies in Afro Hispanic Literature.