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Dome at Night

Volume 2, Fall 2009

Contents in the second volume of the USC Upstate Undergraduate Research Journal is accessible from this page.


Introductory Pages
Includes Table of Contents, Message from Sponsor and Editorial Board, and Grant Winning, Alumni and WGS Spotlights.

The Effects of Exposure to Domestic Violence on Child and Adolescent Development 
Vernette Porter, Dr. Jennifer Parker, and Dr. Stefanie Keen

Towards Voice-Guided Robotic Manipulator Jogging 
Benjamin Overcash and Dr. Sebastian van Delden

Talkin’ ’bout South Carolina: Addressing Dialect Diversity in Middle School Classrooms 
George Reed and Dr. David Marlow

Implementation of the North American Amphibian Monitoring Program in the Upstate Region of South Carolina 
Alexsis Ferguson and Dr. Melissa Pilgrim

Race and Class Identity in The Great Gatsby and Passing 
John Crocker and Dr. Celena Kusch

Focusing on the Spill: A Study of Karen Kasmauski’s Photographs of the Alaskan Oil Industry 
Ryan Crawford and Dr. Rachel Snow

What’s on the Burner 

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