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Volume 3, Fall 2010

Contents in the third volume of the USC Upstate Undergraduate Research Journal is accessible from this page.

Introductory Pages

Dialect Awareness Education: The Importance of Watching our Words 
Jena Rowland and Dr. David Marlow

Lasers, Robots, and Computer Vision: A Student-Led Project that Recovers A 3D Model of Unknown Surfaces 
Nicole Tobias and Dr. Sebastian van Delden

Race to the Front: Frontloading and Voter Turnout 
Donna Randolph and Dr. Allison Clark Pingley

Innovation with I-TRIZ in a 3D Virtual World 
Kirstin Bolt, Christopher Ernst, and Dr. Ron Fulbright

Braille Literacy in South Carolina: The Possibilities Are Endless 
Cory Bohon, Dr. Tina Herzberg, and Dr. George Williams

On the Comparison of Two Survival Functions 
Brent McCracken and Dr. Seunggeun Hyun

Scientific Illustration Meets Deep Sea Ooze 
Leidy Espinal, Sarah Campbell, and Dr. Lyle Campbell

Education and Praise as a Mechanism for Increasing Healthy Eating Decisions during Elementary School Lunch 
Emily Sheehan, Brittney Getz, Sara Riggs, Christina Jackson, Jonathan Shay,
Dr. Dave Pittman, and Dr. Jennifer Parker

Species Richness of Foraminifera off the Coast of South Carolina 
Carl Alexander,  Sarah Campbell, and Dr. Lyle Campbell

Music Information Retrieval with Temporal Features and Timbre 
Keith Bell and Dr. Angelina Tzacheva

Community-Based Participatory Recruitment Methods for African-American Women 
Hadassa Legrand and Dr. Lynette Gibson

The Intellectual and Cultural Rise of American Ideals: Life in 1930s America 
Vickie Dailey and Dr. Donald Knight

Personal Revelations 
Cody Brooks and Dr. Andrew Beer