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Volume 4, Fall 2011

Contents in the fourth volume of the USC Upstate Undergraduate Research Journal is accessible from this page.

Introductory Pages  

Perception of Dialect in Southeastern China 
Jinwen Zeng and Dr. David Marlow

Revisiting Political Participation of Young Americans: An Exploratory Study
Alena Gericke and Dr. Abraham Goldberg

The Effects of Experimenter Attire and Perceived Personality on Performance
Katherine Howells, Dr. Kim Purdy, Dr. Stefanie Keen, Dr. Leigh Lehman, and Dr. Jan Griffin

Small Mammal Community Structure in Urban Greenways
Joshua Johnson, Rebecca Lever, and Dr. Jonathan Storm

Your Faith has Made You Well: A Examination of the Relationship between Religion and Medicine
Jan Andre Enabore and Dr. Calvin Odhiambo

The Long-Term Effects of Childhood Exposure to Domestic Violence
Bobbi Jo Davidson, Dr. Stefanie Keen, and Dr. Jennifer Parker

Survival Probabilities with and without the Use of Censored Failure Times
James Newell and Dr. Seunggeun Hyun

Breast Cancer Fear, Fatalism and Spirituality in African-American Women
Danielle Harris and Dr. Lynette Gibson

Resurrecting the Dead: The Decline of the Dead Sea as an Environmental Problem
Amanda Schrag and Dr. Lizabeth Zack

Southern Field Crickets (Gryllus rubens) Respond to the Chemical Cues of Wolf Spiders
Ronnetta Sartor and Dr. Jonathan Storm

The Benefits of Prior Exposure to Persons with Physical Disabilities
Sydney Brown, Dr. Jan Griffin, Dr. Stefanie Keen,
Dr. Leigh Lehman, Lizzie Forbus, and Lauren Crow

Help-Seeking Behavior by College Students: Effects of Type of Instructions and Difficulty of Task
Toni Puleo, Dr. Stefanie Keen, Dr. Leigh Lehman, and Dr. Jan Griffin