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Counseling Services has developed a series of workshops that are designed for use in your classroom, club, or organization. These programs can be requested from our website (www.uscupstate.edu) or by calling our office at 503-5195 two weeks in advance to schedule a program.

ABC’s of Anger Management . A cognitive approach to help us keep our heads when we lose our cool.

Absolut Reality:Alcohol. An interactive, open discussion about alcohol and its impact on the college experience. Encourages problem-solving for harm-reduction strategies.

Absolut Reality : The Drug Deal. An open discussion about illegal drugs and their impact on students.

All Stressed Up and No Where To Go? This workshop will increase one’s understanding of stress, its impact on the body and will review successful techniques for reducing and coping with stress.

Career Exploration. One’s interests, values and skills are directly related to one’s choice of careers. This workshop will offer an experiential look at the key components of the career decision-making process.

Dating Violence--Does love have to hurt? Geared toward first year men and women; looks at the dynamics of power in relationships and focuses on the dynamics of creating healthy relationships

Do You Hear What I Hear? A look at developing and enhancing effective verbal and nonverbal communication skills.

Grief. This workshop focuses on normalizing and understanding the grief experience and offers helpful approaches to dealing with loss.

Healthy Body Image and Eating Disorders. An examination of the development of healthy body image and what happens when our perceptions go awry.

I Met the Man/Woman of My Dreams...and Then I Woke Up. A look at the key concepts of acquiring and maintaining healthy relationships.

Meditation: A Practice of Being. Meditation is a part of all spiritual traditions. This introduction offers an experiential practice of increasing relaxation and inner reflection as you develop the awareness of the mind, body, and spirit.

New Perspective on Time Management. A look at time management from both right and left brain perspectives.

Please Understand Me. A review of personality types using the Myers Briggs.

R U Sure?The Game of Choices and Consequences. A game designed to provoke discussion and self-awareness about drinking-related behaviors and perceptions among students

Real Men Don’t.... A look at what men can do to prevent sexual assault.

Rediscovery of Our Inner Resourcefulness: Accessing the Inner Child. Through writing and reflecting, we will focus on some of the ways in which we have hidden our inner child, and how to bring forward that part of ourselves.

Relax and Renew. A workshop designed to nurture ourselves and create community through art, relaxation, massage, and pampering.

Resolving Conflict. Identifies the skills necessary for the effective resolution of interpersonal conflicts.

Self-Esteem: The Practice of Self-acceptance. Identifies what hinders us from our own self-care and focuses on how to develop our awareness that we are okay.

The Art of Assertiveness. A practical, skills-based approach to saying what we mean and meaning what we say.

The Art of Eating Elephants. A practical approach to studying and learning effectively.

Therapeutic Humor. Uses laughter as stress-relief and the cure for “what ails us”.

Transitions: How to Use Them Well. Transitions hold the possibility of opportunity as well as breakdown. This workshop explores the benefits and opportunities inherent in any transition, as well as maintaining one’s self-esteem during this time.

Turning Anxiety into Excitement (and other ways to blow your mind). Stress management for new teachers.

Yoga for Everyone. Yoga is an ancient practice that helps you listen to your body’s needs and reduce stress. Try some fun, safe and gentle stretches that will support you with relaxation and enjoyment.


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