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Accessibility Information

Accessible Parking 
Any accessible parking space, regardless of parking area designation, is available for use. Accessible parking spaces reserved for individuals with disabilities are marked by signs and pavement markings incorporating the international disability access symbol. Accessible parking locations are designated on the USC UpstateAccessibility Map and the USC Upstate Parking Brochure.

When parking in accessible parking spaces, individuals must have a disabled license plate or display their state-issued disabled placard. Students, faculty and staff must also display a current USC Upstate parking decal. It is unlawful to use a disabled placard issued to another individual when he/she is not present. Violators will be ticketed.

Parking Map
The USC Upstate Accessibility Map does not reflect parking area designations. A copy of the current parking plan may be obtained from University Police or on the USC Upstate website.

Please note the following information about the elevators in the Library and the Horace C. Smith Science Building:

  • The elevator in the Library building provides access to the classrooms and offices on the second floor of the Library building, not to the study areas and Library materials on the internal second floor of the Library. Individuals who need access to materials located on the internal second floor of the Library should ask library staff for assistance.
  • Access to the elevator on the first floor of the Horace C. Smith Science Building is through the door located between the Center for Student Success (Room 103) and Opportunity Network (Room 101). 

Accessible Seating
The Richard E. Tukey Theatre and the Performing Arts Center (Theatre) have designated accessible seating areas. The County University Soccer Stadium, the Cleveland S. Harley Baseball Park , and the Cyrill Softball Stadium have designated accessible seating areas.

Accessible Restrooms
The following academic spaces have fully accessible restrooms: Hodge 226 (Men’s) / 227(Women’s), the University Readiness Center, and the P. Kathryn Hicks Visual Arts Center. Other campus facilities with fully accessible restrooms are as follows: Health Services, University Police, Palmetto House, the Rampey Center, and the Howell Athletic Complex. All other multi-story buildings have one set of restrooms on each floor with accessible features. All single story buildings have at least one set of restrooms with accessible features.

Please contact Disability Services at (864) 503-5199 with any questions or comments.

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