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Students Rights

In order to maintain an environment that supports the well-being of every resident, each is responsible for adhering to certain standards of good citizenship. Living on campus can provide a wonderful opportunity to learn a great deal about yourself and others, as well as learning to respect the rights and privileges of others. In order to enjoy living on campus, you must respect other resident’s rights and uphold your own responsibilities as a resident. To facilitate your transition to on-campus housing, a number of important guidelines and policies have been established that you are expected to follow.We trust that you will find this information especially useful as you prepare for a positive campus community living experience.

Primary Rights

  • To read and study without interference, unreasonable noise, or other distractions
  • To sleep
  • To expect respect for personal belongings and property
  • To live in a clean environment
  • To have free access to your room and apartment facilities
  • To have grievances/complaints addressed fairly expendentially

Subordinate Rights

  • To have personal privacy within your apartment
  • To host guests provided that you escort your guest at all times and understand that you are responsible for their actions. Guests must abide by all USC Upstate and HRL rules and regulations. Host(s) must followed in the Visitation Policy outlined in the handbook.