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Tips for Getting Settled

We want you to feel at home in your room at Palmetto HouseMagnolia House, or The Villas, and we know that decorating is an important part of settling in. When putting up pictures and posters on the walls, please use staples or straight pins. Tape has a tendency to tear the paint when it's removed, nails and screws make large holes, and colored putty stains the walls. If you have any questions about what can and can't be used on the walls, check with your RA before you hang anything.

Some, or all of the furniture in your room/apartment may be moveable. In most areas, you and your roommate are free to rearrange; however, you may not remove/dismantle any of the furniture. You may add additional pieces of your own as space allows. Use care when moving furniture so as not to mar the walls or scratch the floors. 

Adding Comfort
Many students find that throw rugs or area carpeting help with comfort, noise control, and temperature, especially on tile floors. If you put carpet on the floor and want to hold it in place, be sure to use material that can be easily removed and will not damage the floor tiles. Non-skid mats or backing may be more appropriate. In those areas where carpet is provided, please notify a staff member immediately of spills or other problems. Quick action in cleaning these may prevent long-term staining.

Participating in Activities
Each year several educational and social programs and activities are offered in the residential areas. These are planned and implemented by members of the Residence Hall Association (RHA) and are designed to offer you, the resident, the chance to get to know other residents, to learn something that will benefit you personally, to get involved in your living area, and to relax or take a study break. Look for advertisements in your residence are about events that are happening throughout the semester. If you have an idea for an activity, bring it to the attention of the RHA or your Resident Assistant.

And, don't forget about all of the other organizations  and recreational activities around campus!

Living with a Roommate
When you move into Palmetto House, Magnolia House, or The Villas, this may be the first time you've ever had a roommate. Even if you have a private room, you are still sharing common living space with one, two or three other people. No matter which living option you chose, you may find yourself  "looking forward" to this experience with mixed emotions. Expectations that you're going to make a life-long friend are just as common as fears that you may not get along.

If you've picked a roommate that you already know, it's likely that living together will bring a whole new dimension to your friendship. You may not have known that your friend snores loudly or is a compulsive cleaner or has habits like sleeping with the TV on. Rest assured, though, that roommates who aren't used to sharing living space or whose lifestyles seem completely different can live together happily as long as both parties are willing to communicate and compromise.

Remember that small roommate conflicts are inevitable; they're a part of living together. Details such as study time, borrowing each other's belongings, and having guests over, need to be worked out at the beginning of the semester so that problems don't arise later. Good communication right from the start is the key. If you find that you have reached an impasse, however, talk to your RA about how to resolve the problem.

Enjoying Your Stay
Moving away from home, getting a roommate, and beginning classes might be overwhelming at first, but relax. Besides the convenience of living close to classes and campus resources, campus housing offers a sense of community and connection with the University that you can't find off campus. So think of our student housing not as where you sleep, eat, and study, but where you live—it's home. We take seriously the importance of community, of building friendships and of creating a supportive environment not just for studying, but for living. Just let us know if you have any questions or concerns; we're here to help!