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Academic and Professional Organizations

Accounting Club
The mission of the Accounting Club is to provide the students of USC Upstate a window into the future of an accounting career, to shake knowledge of the accounting field, to locate professionals to share their experiences, to make connections with other accounting students and to inspire others to pursue the area of accounting. Sponsored by the George Dean Johnson, Jr. College of Business and Economics. For more information, contact Dr. Elizabeth Cole at 864-503-5594.

Chemistry Club
The purpose of the Chemistry Club is to stimulate and maintain an interest in the field of chemistry through bi-weekly meetings. Sponsored by faculty in Natural Sciences and Engineering. For more information contact Dr. Christopher Bender at 864-503-5755

Child Advocacy Studies (CAST) Club
The mission of the CAST Club is to promote interdisciplinary involvement in CAST, to provide awareness and service to the campus and local community about child abuse prevention efforts and to provide networking opportunities for students. For more information, contact Dr. Jennifer Parker at 864-503-5761

Club Art and Design
Club Art and Design is open to all USC Upstate students. Club Art and Design’s mission is to identify and develop activities that support the arts and enhance academic and professional development of its members. Special emphasis is given to the following three areas of study: graphic design, art education and art history. For more information contact Matthew Donaldson  at 864-503-5829.

Computer Science Club
The Computer Science Club aims to promote a sense of community among CS/CIS students and to provide them with opportunities for intellectual growth and leadership development. We do this by holding informational talks, competitive team activities and arranging outings to various computer science events in the area. For more information, contact Nicole Tobias at 864-503-5348.

Engineering Management Student Association (EMSA)
The purpose of the USC Upstate Engineering Management Student Association (EMSA) is to promote engineering management profession. EMSA supports opportunities for the ETM students to utilize the leadership, teamwork and decision-making skills taught in the ETM curriculum outside the classroom environment. For more information, contact Tim Ellis at 864-503-5894.

French Club
The mission of the French Club is to enlighten the students on the USC Upstate campus about the overall culture of French society. The French aesthetics we teach will include: language, literature, film, music, traditions, ethics, ideology, formal and informal etiquette, history, politics, industry, travel, geography, cuisine, art and philosophy. We seek to establish outreach opportunities with international businesses, communities and centers in the Upstate and beyond to advocate for the importance of French studies. We strive for the fair and equal representation of French and Francophone culture on and off campus, as well as to introduce the student body to a unique cultural experience into the lives of French and Francophone citizens. For more information, contact Araceli Hernandez-Laroche at 864-503-5221.

Health Professionals Club
The Health Professionals Club offers meetings at which individuals in the health professions come and give lectures to students planning on going into their chosen field of study (pre-health, pre-pharmacy, etc.). Health Professionals Club also actively participates in community service. For more information contact Dr. Ginny Webb at 864-503-5976.

Historical Society, Upstate
The purpose of this organization is to promote an awareness of history, of things historical, of the discipline of history and its uses and of the application of history to contemporary situations. Every area of academics has a history behind it, so we invite students of all disciplines to join our organization. For more information contact Tammy Pike at 864-503-5549.

Math Club 
The Math Club encourages math awareness and promotes interest in mathematics at USC upstate. Club meetings address issues important to USC Upstate students with an interest in mathematics or an intention to work in the field of mathematics. For more information contact Brett Barwick at 864-503-5206.

National Art Education Association, USC Upstate Student Chapter
USC Upstate Student Chapter of National Art Education Association is a pre-professional organization with members dedicated to art education. This chapter will provide an effective transition from art education preparation to professional practice. Furthermore, the chapter will sponsor service projects to promote art education on campus and the community at large. Some projects will include speakers, conferences and exhibitions to gain greater insight and perspective about teaching art. For more information contact Dr. Mary Lou Hightower at 864-503-5817.

Nonprofit Leadership Alliance
The Nonprofit Leadership Alliance is a strategic alliance of colleges, universities, nonprofit organizations and students, whose mission to prepare and certify future nonprofit professionals to with American’s youth and families. For more information contact Dr. Charles Harrington at 864-503-5545.

Psychology Club
The mission of the Psychology Club is to promote interest in Psychology, inform others of the science of Psychology, provide service to the local community and help students network among themselves and in the community. For more information contact Dr. Stefanie Keen.

Science Club
The purpose of the Science Club is to give students with a passion of biological sciences and related subjects, topics, events, etc. the ability to broaden their learning experience. The members are able to explore the love of science in many contexts and supports its fundamental importance by participating in meetings and other activities. The students meet other individuals, who like them, share a passion for this subject. For more information contact Julie Smoak at 864-503-5366.

Student Marketing Association
The Student Marketing Association provides students with the opportunity to broaden their understanding of and appreciation for, the discipline of Marketing. The club seeks to identify member needs and to improve members with a value-added experience. The club seeks to do so by providing a mix of activities: company tours, guest speakers, attendance at marketing conferences, etc. The Marketing Club is sponsored by the George Dean Johnson, Jr. College of Business and Economics. For more information, contact Dr. Julie Wade at 864-503-5590.

Student Nursing Association (Spartanburg and Greenville)
The Student Nurses Association (SNA) is a national organization that brings student nurses together to discuss current healthcare issues as well as celebrate the nursing profession. The state level informs each school's chapter of upcoming events and issues that are important for student nurses. The National Student Nurses' Association (NSNA) has a national convention that raises new issues that affect the future of nursing. Founded in 1952, NSNA is a nonprofit organization for students enrolled in associate, baccalaureate, diploma and generic graduate nursing programs. It is dedicated to fostering the professional development of nursing students. In Greenville, for more information contact Stacie Hamilton. In Spartanburg, for more information contact Sally Smith or Monique Jones.

TEACh (Spartanburg and Greenville)
TEACh serves and acts on behalf of the needs, rights and well-being of all young children in the USC Upstate community and their families, with special emphasis on developmental and educational services and resources. It fosters the growth and development of the membership in their work with and on behalf of all students. For more information about the Spartanburg chapter contact Karen Lounsbury. For more information about the Greenville chapter contact Laura Kaufmann.

University Business Society

The mission of the University Business Society is to be an innovative organization that contributes to the success of its diverse student body by providing valuable networking opportunities. Our goal is to enhance our students knowledge and abilities to make ethical and responsible future business decisions. For more information contact Hannah Terpack at 864-503-5049.

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