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USC Upstate Policy on Hazing

In addition to the legal and physical risks, hazing is harmful to the morale of members and creates additional problems within the organization. The very activities  meant to “build pledge class/line unity” can be detrimental to the overall unity within the organization, creating issues with distrust and loyalty. It also hinders the ability of organizations to recruit and retain members and can create a vicious cycle that will ultimately destroy the organization.

The University defines hazing as any act that endangers the mental or physical health or safety of a student, faculty member or other University official. This includes the removal of public or private property for the purpose of initiation, admission into, affiliation with or as a continued membership in a group or organization (Code of Student Behavior). It is important to note that a student’s “willingness” to participate in the hazing activities is not a defense. Essentially, if someone gives an organization “permission” to haze them, it is still hazing and is still a violation of the Code of Student Behavior, South Carolina Law and organizational policies. Additionally, hazing is not an issue limited to fraternities and sororities, but can also occur in non-Greek organizations and athletic teams.

If you feel that you have been hazed, please contact the Office of Student Life by phone at 864-503-5387, or contact the Dean of Students at 864-503-5107. Additionally, a report can be submitted online. Such reports can be submitted anonymously. Additionally, any member of the University or surrounding community who has witnessed hazing activities can also submit reports for us to investigate.

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