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Recruitment Rules

The Panhellenic Council created the following Recruitment Rules to establish equal consideration to all Potential New Members (PNMs) and sorority women. These rules are in place to help you and the sorority members maintain ethical standards during the Recruitment period.

PNM’s are expected to comply with the rules, and failure to do so may result in dismissal from Panhellenic Recruitment. If you have any questions or know of any violation of these rules please contact your Nu Chi or the Office of Student Life.

  • Sorority members and PNMs shall uphold all National Panhellenic Conference UNANIMOUS AGREEMENTS.
  • Use of alcoholic beverages in Recruitment is prohibited
  • Participation of men in Recruitment functions is prohibited
  • Members cannot buy or accept anything from a PNM
  • A sorority member cannot at any time promise a bid, directly or indirectly, to a PNM
  • All PNMs must have completed the official recruitment registration form and have paid their recruitment registration fee to participate in Recruitment
  • No sorority member may visit a PNM in her residence hall room, apartment or place of residence except in public areas such as study rooms, lobbies, or hallways, nor may PNMs visit any residence hall room, apartment or place of residence in which any sorority member resides*
  • PNMs are not allowed to call, e-mail, or write letters to any sorority member except for academic reasons. PNMs are also prohibited from contacting members via Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, or other social networking media*
  • Sorority members and PNMs are not to meet off campus at pre-determined locations and times
  • PNMs should also refrain from gossiping or speaking negatively about recruitment parties or participating chapters.

*In the event that a PNM and sorority member are related (sisters, cousins, etc.) or share a residence are they permitted to communicate outside of Recruitment. All of those relationships must be disclosed to the Recruitment Chair or Student Life staff prior to Recruitment for clearance. At no point should PNMs and members discuss chapters or Recruitment, regardless of their relationship. 


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