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Frequently Asked Questions

What topics and/or themes are permitted or desired?
There are no particular guidelines in regards to topics. writersINC is a literary journal, a collection of individual talent and ideas found in the student body, and will not narrow your creative freedom. Your writing may have specific topics and/or themes but it does not necessarily have to be topical or thematically cohesive with other submissions.

Is there a length requirement?
Submissions are not necessarily required to succumb to a certain length requirement but there are unstated regulations about how long a piece may be. Typically, submissions are not much longer than five typed pages on a Word document, but this is merely a typical length. writersINC cannot publish exceptionally long stories, but it has published original novel chapters. All in all, if there is any discrepancy about whether or not the piece is too long, feel free to submit the work regardless.

Will my submission be edited or altered?
writersINC will not edit or alter anything in your submission without first meeting directly with you. Censorship is generally not an issue as long as you keep in mind that writersINC publishes a scholarly literary journal. Again, if there is any discrepancy about the nature of the work, feel free to submit the work regardless. In the worst-case scenario, an editor will merely contact you and work with you to reform the work.

May I submit original music or artwork?
Unfortunately, writersINC has ceased its acceptance of original music and artwork. As there are other venues for both of these mediums, the staff strives to limit its publication to creative writing only. However, the acceptance of various genres are up to the discretion of the current editor-in-chief, so be sure to contact her/him if you have genuine interest.

Why must I submit my work via e-mail?
Works are required to be submitted electronically so that your works can be essentially copied and pasted, eliminating the possibility of altering your original formatting and etcetera.

Can I submit multiple works?
Absolutely. The more works you submit, the larger writersINC can expand its literary journal and the more potential there is that you have submitted a piece that will be accepted and published.

How can I become a member of writersINC’s staff?
The writersINC staff is chosen at the beginning of each Fall semester. The positions available are:  editor-in-chief, assistant editor, and graphic designer. Multiple assistant editors are typically hired. If you wish to apply for one of these positions, you may stop by our office in the CLC Student Life Offices and pick up an application or stop by our table at the annual Fall Festival.

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