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Early Intervention Program

Academic Support coordinates the Early Intervention Program. The Early Intervention Program (EIP) is a mid-semester reporting system for faculty to identify students who are not performing well academically in their courses. The program targets only students enrolled in 100 and 200 level courses for indications of unsatisfactory progress and/or excessive absences.

Students reported by faculty will receive a letter from Academic Support indicating these courses and requesting the student to follow-up with them for advisement, assistance, etc. Academic Support boasts a success rate (avoidance of failure in those courses) of over 80% if the student follows up with our office.

This program not only informs students of their unsatisfactory progress and/or excessive absences in a course, but also encourages students to seek assistance and support if they are not doing well. Please note that we cannot guarantee total faculty participation. Therefore, failure to receive a report does not automatically indicate satisfactory performance in a student’s other courses.

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Early Intervention

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