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Academic Procedures for Inclement Weather

Announcement if the University is closed:

  • All classes with the exception of online classes are canceled.  Some faculty and students may not have electricity during this time, so response times for the online classes may be delayed.

Delayed announcement for the opening of the University:

  • After the University opens, students should report to their next scheduled class. 
  • Nursing students:  Clinical and laboratory experiences will be joined in progress after the opening of the University.
  • Education students: School clinicals will follow the appropriate K-12 school schedules.
  • Students enrolled in natural science laboratory classes should join their lab in progress if instructed by their professor after the opening of the University.

    In case of inclement weather, decisions about canceling or delaying classes at the University of South Carolina Upstate will be made as early as possible and no later than 6:00 a.m. When possible, decisions will be made the night before.

    Bad Weather Entrance Map (pdf)
    Bad Weather Entrances

    Entrances closest to Highway 176 and accessible entrances will be cleared first followed by the entrances above to provide the safest access to buildings.