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Bachelor of Science in Biology

The Bachelor of Science in Biology is typically completed in four years of full-time enrollment. During their freshman year, biology majors generally enroll in Biological Science I (BIOL 101) and Biological Science II (BIOL 102). During their sophomore year, students take Introduction to Ecology and Evolutionary Biology (BIOL 301) and Introduction to Cell and Molecular Biology (BIOL 302). Upon completing these prerequisites, students can choose from a variety of upper-level biology courses to complete their degree. Course descriptions can be read in the Academic Catalog.

Degree Requirements:
A Bachelor of Science in Biology involves the successful completion of 120 credit hours, including completion of supporting courses in chemistry and mathematics. More information is available below regarding specific biology major and minor degree requirements. Students may track their progress towards graduation in the biology major and each pre-professional program using the Degree Completion Worksheets.

Undergraduate Research:
Research with a faculty mentor can assist in gaining admission to graduate and professional schools. Students often present their research at local and regional scientific meetings. Upper-level students interested in conducting research should contact a faculty member to learn more about funding and research opportunities.

Mission statement:
The mission of the USC Upstate biology program is to provide a biological sciences education in the framework of an undergraduate liberal arts curriculum. As a metropolitan institution, we furnish our students with the knowledge, technical skills, and expertise to contribute to society in the Upstate region of South Carolina and beyond. The biology curriculum prepares students by promoting an understanding of scientific methodologies, concepts, and applications, preparing students for successful careers in research, healthcare, and industry in a global environment.

Careers in Biology:
Information on career options in the biological sciences can be found in the Bureau of Labor Statistics Occupational Outlook Handbook.

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