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The Advising Center, a division of the Student Success Center, provides professional academic advisement for first-year students (less than 30 semester hours) in many majors.

Myles Alexander: Math, Computer Science and Communications
Rampey Building, Room 115

Wanda Cromer: Biology and Chemistry
Rampey Building, Room 116

Susannah Waldrop: Psychology and Undeclared
Rampey Building, Room 121

Additional Freshmen Advisors on Campus:

Kathy Horner: Criminal Justice and Sociology
Media Building, Room 301

Hannah Terpack: Business
The George, Room 153

Terri Whitaker: Nursing
HEC, Room 3095 

All other majors and upper classmen should check Self Service Carolina for their advisor’s name. If your advisor is not listed, contact the main office of your department.


Contact us

Susannah Waldrop
Student Success Center Director
Phone: 864-503-5414

Sherry McAdams
Career Center
Phone: 864-503-5393

Selena Blair
Opportunity Network

Phone: 864-503-5965
Fax: 864-503-5075

Ryan Boggs
Administrative Assistant
Phone: 864-503-5392

Student Success Center
John M. Rampey Center
800 University Way
Spartanburg, SC 29303
Phone: 864-503-5392
Fax: 864-503-5931

Testing Center
Media Building
Room 218
Phone: 864-503-7422