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Share Your Cultural Expertise

Imagine moving from your home in the United States, with the comforts of apple pie and vanilla ice cream, to another part of the world where everything is foreign. The people. The language. The food. 

Now imagine how helpful it would be to have a native friend who was able to answer all of your questions. Their cultural understanding would be invaluable to your experience abroad.

As a USC Upstate student, you hold the cultural expertise of what it means to study here. There are students coming from all over the world to Spartanburg with whom you could share that experience.

Partner with an Exchange Student

The Upstate Global Ambassador program exists to help international students with the transition to life here on campus and in the United States in general. Committed volunteers partner with incoming exchange students to foster international friendship, promote cross cultural learning and encourage future travel abroad.

Requirements and How to Get Started
  • Complete the online application.
  • Meet with the UGA Coordinator. (An appointment email will be sent after application is submitted.)
    • Attend the International Mixer at the beginning of the semester to meet international partners.
      • Fall 2016 - August 19 at 2 p.m.
    • Meet with international partner a minimum of four times per semester.

    Read a letter from the program coordinator with suggestions to help make your time in the UGA program successful.

    **Completion of application does not guarantee ambassador placement. Placement can vary based on number of applicants and number of incoming international students.**

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