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Graduate Fees

Graduate Tuition and Fees

The cost of attending college starts with tuition and fees and includes housing, meals, books and other supplies.

The amounts below represent current rates to attend the University of South Carolina Upstate. Individual costs will vary based on things like your choice of housing or type of course work.

Please be sure to apply for financial aid to determine if you qualify for assistance.

Graduate students

(12 hours or more)

SC residents$6,867 per semester
Non-residents$14,880 per semester
MSN tuition (Resident and Non-Resident)$6,867 per semester
DNP tuition (Resident)$6,867 per semester
DNP tuition (Non-Resident)$14,880 per semester

(11 hours or less)

SC certified teachers$362.25 per semester hour
Non-residents holding SC certification$413 per semester hour
SC residents$572.25 per semester hour
Non-residents$1,240 per semester hour
MSN tuition (Resident and Non-Resident)$572.25 per semester hour
DNP tuition (Resident)$572.25 per semester hour
DNP tuition (Non-Resident)$1,240 per semester hour

*Tuition for audit is the same as for credit*


Security Fee per semester$50
Technology fee$12 per credit hour
Live Text fee – all “ED” courses$10 per credit hour
Health fee$8.50 per credit hour