Internship Opportunities


To be eligible for any of the following internships, students must have completed at least Pre-Calculus II (MATH U127) with a grade of B or higher (for mathematics internships) or Introductory Biology I (BIOL U101) or General Chemistry I (CHEM U111/L) course with a grade of B or higher (for science internships).

Applications for the Tutoring and Teaching Assistant Internships will be accepted through December 20th.

Applications for the STEM Camp Internships will be accepted between April 1st and June 30th.

Tutoring Program

Mathematics Only Internship – Requires the completion of Pre-Calculus at the undergraduate level to apply. The tutoring program will begin during the fall 2020 semester and will be implemented throughout the academic year (Fall and Spring semesters). The tutoring program will focus on developing middle and high school mathematics students’ understanding of concepts and connections. Dr. Bismarck and Mr. Harper will work with the tutors during the beginning of the fall semester, for four total hours over a week. Topics will include developing an understanding of mathematical concepts and connections, procedural fluency, the use of technology (calculators, Wolfram Alpha, virtual manipulatives, and dynamic geometry environments), effective questioning techniques, and allowing students to work through problems with minimal support. After the training, each tutor will participate in a weekly one-hour tutoring session with small groups of students identified as at-risk in mathematics. Ten tutors will offer tutoring sessions throughout the academic year. Each tutor will conduct 1-hour tutoring sessions at the rate of $40 per session.

Teaching Assistant Program

Mathematics and Science Majors are Eligible for this Internship. Ten students will be selected to work with highly qualified mathematics and science teachers at local high schools on planning, teaching, and assessment. The Teaching Assistant Program will provide the students with authentic classroom experiences intended to attract them to the teaching profession. Students are expected to assist their teacher in the creation and implementation of engaging lessons. Students slected for this program will be paid $20 per hour and will spend a total of 60 hours in schools assisting teachers.

STEM Camp Assistant

Science Only Internship. STEM camps designed for high school students will be implemented beginning Summer 2021. The STEM Camps will expand on Spartanburg Community College’s (SCC) camp to include high school students. The camp curriculum emphasizes connections between STEM concepts in a hands-on, student-centered format. The STEM Camp will be implemented over a one-week period and offered each year. A total of five underclassmen from both USC Upstate and SCC will work with Mrs. Addison, Dr. Bender, Mrs. Schmidt, and Dr. Kinley the week prior to the summer camp to learn the curriculum and inquiry-based instructional strategies. During the camp, faculty will lead the activities while assistants work with students individually and in small groups. Each intern will receive $1,000 for the one week of training and one week of implementation.