About Us

In support of this value proposition, Chancellor Bennie L. Harris, Ph.D., has identified these three main priorities, highlighted here, that ensure USC Upstate is contributing to the vibrancy and prosperity of the Upstate for students and industry. Our commitment to meeting all learners where they are and elevating their aspirations, and our intentional efforts to build a human capital pipeline in support of Upstate businesses, have created a half-billion-dollar impact on the state of South Carolina. USC Upstate and its graduates are contributing to the national attention the region is experiencing.

Bennie L. Harris, Ph.D. | Chancellor

“Making college affordable for all students is critical to the goal of improving postsecondary degree attainment in the upstate region. The result: education for all that inspires a thriving and just society.

Bennie L. Harris, Ph.D.

Student Success

Critical to the goal of improving postsecondary degree goals in the Upstate region is ensuring all students have access to an affordable education.

USC Upstate has one of the most diverse college student bodies, with a 2022-23 freshman class that is 48% non-white. The South Carolina Centro Latino and the Avanzando Through College program provide support and resources to Latino/a students to improve retention. Forty percent of our students come from household incomes of less than $40,000, with 31% of students the first in their families to attend college. Because 95% of students receive some form of financial aid, tuition mitigation funding is vital to retention and graduation. USC Upstate is also proud to have more than 130 veterans, and an additional 114 dependents of veterans, among its students, and the university’s commitment to providing them with a transformational education is why USC Upstate is ranked No. 3 by U.S. News and World Report for Best Colleges for Veterans in the Southern Region. USC Upstate is vital to addressing the educational needs of South Carolina students.

College to Career

USC Upstate supports the Greenville Chamber of Commerce’s goal to boost advanced certificate and degree attainment in Greenville County to 60%.

USC Upstate’s Quality Enhancement Plan seeks to connect all students’ skills and experiences with professional opportunities, particularly in top regional industries. USC Upstate graduates are a vital talent source for Upstate healthcare systems, with 65% of nursing graduates working for Spartanburg Regional and Prisma Health. Upstate alumni are also educators in Spartanburg and Greenville school districts, and serve as industry leaders, with more than 700 alumni occupying C-suite positions. The University offers a valuable opportunity for success with a career-focused curriculum and strong relationships with top employers in the Upstate region.

Economic Development and Innovation

The University is dedicated to developing new programs that prepare students for careers that are in demand now, and that also help students adapt and excel in professions that have yet to be created.

Programs USC Upstate is pursuing for the Spartanburg or Greenville campuses include a doctorate in nursing education; master’s degrees in health informatics, social work, analytics/supply chain, analytics/statistics, and advanced manufacturing analytics; and others in education and esports. With recently added programs such as a bachelor’s in cybersecurity and a master’s in business analytics, USC Upstate is responding to the developing needs of South Carolina business and industry, with 84% of graduates staying in-state and 68% residing in the Upstate.