Upstate Theatre (formerly The Shoestring Players), the theatrical producing entity on the USC Upstate campus, began in 1975 as a student group with grand ambitions. Performing in a variety of venues, none of which could be called theatres, the Players worked tirelessly to expand the horizons of the newly formed campus. As those horizons expanded, so did the Players, the support of campus and the community. Today, Upstate Theatre, an organization with 30-plus years “on-the-boards” experience, resides in the Department of Fine Arts and Communication Studies with three full time faculty members, a technical director, a box office manager and several adjunct instructors. Future developments are underway for the theatre program, so, not only have we come a long way, but we are also still growing! Our performance facilities include the 450-seat Proscenium Theatre, and the Studio Theatre for more intimate productions.

USC Upstate Theatre embraces the core values of wellness, equity and civility of our university. We will continue its legacy of inclusiveness and support of people of color on and off the stage. We are also committed to maintaining critical awareness of racial and social injustice in our country, community and around the world. We will strive to amplify the voices of all marginalized peoples in the classroom, in production and performance. We stand firmly against racism and all forms of discrimination. Upstate Theatre proudly celebrates the vibrant colors of our country’s beautiful tapestry of cultures.