Rentals and Packages

Rent a locker or outdoor equipment. You can also purchase a fitness training package, or our fitness assessment.

Locker Rental

Only students, faculty and staff may rent lockers on a per semester basis at the Spartan Rec Center. Choose to purchase a full or half locker, and pay by the semester or annually.

Download printable format of the Locker Room Policies (PDF)

Outdoor Equipment Rental

The Spartan Rec Center has outdoor recreation programs and equipment for rent to outfit the experience you have in mind.

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  • Equipment rental prices are dependent upon the length of the rental period. Items that are rented over a longer period of time (maximum rental period of 8 days) will cost more but have a lower cost per day than a single day rental.

    2-Person Tent

    $5 – $15

    2-Person Tent

    $7 – $20

    Sleeping Bags

    $3 – $10


    $6 – $18

    Cooking Kits

    $3 – $10


    $3 – $10

Personal Training Package

Get more out of your training with guidance from a certified professional

Fitness Assessment

Fitness assessments are a great way to determine where you are starting from in order to accurately track your progress.