Students in a creek

Watershed Ecology Center

Encouraging Watershed Awareness Through Education, Experience, and Community Outreach.

What is a watershed anyway? Well, I’m glad you asked!

A watershed is an area of land from which all water flows into a common point or stream. So think of a bath tub. All the water from the shower that hits the sides of the tub and goes down the drain is one watershed, anything that misses flows into a different watershed.  Most large watersheds are named after the major river into which the waters drain.

In Spartanburg County, we are in the Upper Broad Watershed, which is made up of all kinds of smaller watersheds, for each little stream up to the bigger creeks, forks and rivers. A watershed encompasses everything in that defined area, not just the water itself, but the trees, plants, animals, air, people, roads, houses, soil and even the weather. This is what we, at the Watershed Ecology Center build our programs around.

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