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Sustainability at USC Upstate

USC Upstate is participating in the 2024 Campus Race to Zero Waste!

Each week, the university’s recycling data is entered into the competition dashboard and results will be given periodically throughout the competition. During the 2024 competition, USC Upstate will participate in the following categories:

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  • January 28 – March 23

    Per Capita – Recyclable weights reported for plastics, aluminum, cardboard, and paper (no trash weights)

    January 29 – February 23

    Electronics Recycling – Competition based on collection of scrap electronics over one-month period

    February 16

    GameDay Baseball (Green Event) – Report on waste generated during the game including recycling, food organics, and landfill trash

    February 17

    GameDay Basketball – Report on waste generated during the game including recycling, food organics, and landfill trash

Green Initiatives

Aim to be environmentally sustainable at your next event!. By making sustainable choices when planning events, we can all Think Green, Live Green at Upstate.

Free Food Alert

Sign up for Free Food Alert. USC Upstate students, faculty, and staff with a USC Upstate email address can sign up for a Free Food Alert account to receive email and mobile smartphone push notifications when there is free food available on campus. Faculty and staff can also opt-in to become a free food giveaway host who sends out alerts at the end of their campus events.

USC Upstate is now the second Bee Campus in South Carolina.

See the he Pollinator Habitat, which can be accessed through a connector on the Science Trail. Parking for the Science Trail is located at 130 Burroughs Lane Spartanburg, SC 29303 on the USC Upstate campus.

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Certified Pollinator Habitat

A collaboration between USC Upstate and Keep One Spartanburg Beautiful allows individuals, schools, businesses, churches, and community organizations to certify pollinator habitats that meet established criteria.

Check out the requirements and apply today!

Spring 2023 Gold Certified Events

  • SL/CE Spring Showcase
  • CoEHPH Community Health Interns Community Presentations
  • Sustainable Upstate Certificate Training
  • SL/CE Celebration of Service
  • SC Sports Field Management Association Field Day

Pollinator Habitat Certification partnership with Keep One Spartanburg Beautiful.

This certification program is meant to inspire members of our community to create or improve their own pollinator habitat, and to broaden awareness of the elements necessary for a beneficial and healthy pollinator garden.

Begin your Habitat Assessment: Habitat Assessment Guide

Get the Certification: Pollinator Habitat Certification Application

USC Upstate Community Garden

Who we are:

We are enthusiastic, accepting, diverse members of the USC Upstate community who enjoy the garden. Our members range in experience from none at all to Master Gardeners and have majors across all of the USCU colleges. Each year we donate produce to community outreach organizations to provide food to those in need.

What you get:

  • A free 4’x 8’ raised garden bed space to grow fruits, vegetables, herbs, and flowers!
  • Tools, water, soil, and some plants are provided.
  • Time be outside with students and community member. Share ideas, network, and make friends!
  • Something to add to your resume! Many employers and schools value community outreach activities and personal wellness. Become an officer and add leadership experience.

What we do:

  • Schedule meetings to socialize and work in the gardens. We plant in Fall and Spring for year-round harvests.
  • Plan and attend seminar meetings to enhance our gardening and use of the foods we grow.

For plot assignment please contact Melissa Storm, Faculty Advisor of the USC Upstate Community Garden