Students at Studio Upstate

Studio Upstate

Graphic Design Agency

Studio Upstate is a student-run graphic design agency offering high-quality graphic design services and solutions to nonprofit organizations and small businesses. Every job we receive will be carefully reviewed by our team and designed in a professional manner. It doesn’t matter if the job is big or small. Send your creative challenges our way. We may be students, but we get the job done right!

What We Do

Sheesh — who would have known just how much we can do! Services include all things graphic design:

  • Print
  • Branding and Identity
  • Advertising
  • Interactive Media
  • Exhibition Design
  • Motion Graphics

What We’ve Done

Humbly speaking — what you’re about to see is pure genius! Every designer has a distinct, visual design style. Working with Studio Upstate means you’ve got a hybrid of unique skill sets and visual communication interests represented and working on your project team. We’ll give you some insight into how our creative noggins function and cite examples of the high-level visual communication solutions we’ll formulate for you.

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