Ways to Give

Your Support Will Help The University Enhance the Quality of Life For Upstate and Beyond.

There are a variety of ways to invest in the future of USC Upstate, its many programs and its deserving students. Some charitable gifts can provide immediate tax benefits, while others may help reduce your taxable estate or even provide an annual income stream for you and/or another beneficiary. Regardless of which method you choose, you can rest assured that your support will help the University enhance the quality of life for the Upstate and beyond.

Learn more about the many giving options available, each with certain tax benefits and income potential.



Cash gifts are the most common form of contribution to the USC Upstate Foundation and provide immediate support to your area of interest. An outright gift is most often claimed as an income tax deduction for the year in which it is given.

You can make a Cash gift to the University through secure Online Giving.

Prefer to give by mail? Please print this gift form (PDF), and follow the included instructions to send your gift.

Gift of Stock and Appreciated Securities

Stocks, bonds and mutual funds fall into the category of Securities.

Gifts of appreciated securities have the same positive impact on the University as cash gifts; however, these gifts can be more beneficial to you, the donor. You avoid paying any taxes on capital gains on the appreciation in the value of the securities, which can be a major benefit if you have held securities for a number of years and if they have grown in value.

These instructions are used exclusively for the transfer of U.S. stock and bond gifts to the USC Upstate Foundation.

Asset Delivery Instructions (PDF)

Donor-Advised Fund (DAF)

You can strengthen the programs at USC Upstate that mean most to you, by making a gift from your donor-advised fund. Typically created and maintained by community foundations or large financial institutions and operating like a charitable saving account, your DAF gives you the flexibility to recommend how much and how often to make a gift.

Corporate Matching Gifts

You can increase the impact of your gift to USC Upstate through your Corporate Matching Gift program. Many employers will match or multiply charitable contributions made by their employees or employees’ spouses. Matching gifts are typically allocated to the donor’s designation unless company policy requires distribution to a general fund. To enhance the value of your gift, contact your employer’s personnel office about matching gift opportunities.