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Accounting, Economics and Finance

Forecasting and budgeting. Planning, consulting, and auditing. Market analysis and pricing strategies. Banking and risk management. And let’s not forget the growth of cryptocurrency and artificial intelligence.

Numbers tell the story for every business – and every business needs analytic experts like you to keep the numbers adding up.

When you major in Economics, Finance, or Accounting at Upstate, you’ll build a solid foundation and get the real-world expertise you need to jump-start your career.

Turn your time and tuition into a bankable degree. Upstate makes it happen.


Get your CPA license, become a tax expert, dig into forensic accounting, and more.

Economics & Finance

Study commercial and investment banking, research the impact of public policies, and analyze pricing and incentives.

Don’t Settle for Entry-level

The best education goes beyond the classroom. Local startups, public agencies, global powerhouses – Upstate has the connections for real-world projects that ensure your resume will stand out.

Think big. Start strong. Make it happen at Upstate.

Big data. Big future.

Looking ahead to grad school? Take a deep dive into big data with Upstate’s M.S. in Business Analytics Accounting program.

You’ll get a unique, hands-on immersion in parsing the massive datasets that global companies use for consumer behavior predictions, corporate strategy, risk management, and performance optimization.