Languages, Literature, and Composition

About Languages, Literature, and Composition

The Division of Languages, Literature, and Composition offers Bachelor of Arts degrees in English and Spanish, as well as minors in American Sign Language Interpreting, English, French, Spanish, German Studies, Film Studies, Creative Writing, Global Studies, and Spanish Translation/interpreting. We also offer USC Upstate’s first undergraduate Global Competence Certificate for students who wish to demonstrate their international and intercultural skills and knowledge without committing to a study abroad experience.

All degree programs are designed with small classes and one-on-one guidance from instructors and advisers to help students develop the skills in critical thinking, oral and written communication, research, and analysis that are essential to 21st-century careers. Our award-winning faculty members are published authors, leaders of national and regional organizations, working translators and interpreters, and global travelers committed to opening up a world of opportunity for our students.


First-year Reading and Writing Program

Careers in English, Writing, and World Languages

Languages, Literature, and Composition programs prepare students for careers in law, professional/technical/creative writing, editing, publishing, translation and interpreting, library science, researching, business and non-profit administration, intelligence and military analysis, public relations, the film and popular culture industry, informatics and data analytics, community outreach, as well as teaching both in the US and abroad.

Our graduates have gone on to complete masters degrees, doctorates, law degrees, and even pharmacy degrees at American University, Brandeis, Brock University, Clemson University, John Marshall Law School, the Medical University of South Carolina, Mercer University School of Law, Ohio State University, Tufts University, the University of Kentucky, UNC Wilmington, the University of South Carolina, Winthrop University, and many more.

Our alumni are working around the world as authors, bloggers, editors, filmmakers, lawyers, journalists, business owners and executives, librarians, freelancers, marketing and advertising coordinators, media producers, military officers, professors, sportswriters, teachers, technical writers, Web and software developers, public relations directors, Peace Corps volunteers, civil volunteers with Americorps and Teach for America, and more every day. They live and work in Mexico, Spain, France, Italy, Argentina, Canada, Ecuador, China, the UK, and throughout the US.

What Can a Minor Do for You?

Our minors allow students to combine their interest in language and culture with a major in business, health care, engineering, technology, communications, criminal justice, child advocacy, or nearly any other field. Minors in English, Film, Writing, World Languages. and Global Studies prepare students to research, analyze, create, and communicate more effectively across audiences and cultures. These skills can significantly increase career competitiveness, especially in the Upstate region which is one of the biggest centers for international companies in the United States.

The First-year Experience

Languages, Literature, and Composition faculty are honored to play an important role in the USC Upstate First-Year Experience through introductory courses in English Composition and World Languages and through the Preface First-Year Reading Program. Students at all levels can expect to have many opportunities for service learning or for working with community groups through many of our community engagement activities in world languages, global studies, writing and literacy.

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