Accessibility and Universal Design

Accessibility Is a Shared Responsibility

The Universal Design Committee promotes campus awareness and assists the University community in making academic content, programs, services, and activities accessible for everyone.

The group is charged with careful study and planning for campus-wide universal design and accessibility policy and process development. Planning should include provisions for raising campus awareness and faculty and staff expertise as emerging technologies alter the foundations and delivery methods of accountability relative to provision of services including student and faculty access accommodations, assistive technology procurement and funding, and ongoing strategic planning to support the plan’s implementation.

Committed to Equal Access and a Barrier-free Environment.

The University of South Carolina Upstate is committed to equal access and a barrier-free environment for those with disabilities can fully access programs, services, and all activities at our university. Accessibility Barriers may include the following:

  • a non-accessible access ramp
  • a non-accessible restroom
  • a non-accessible website
  • video does not have captions
  • lack of access to an event or program