Culture of Civility

The University of South Carolina Upstate aims to develop a culture of civility through respectful discourse and behavior.

What is Civility?

Civility is consistently treating people with consideration and respect, valuing the culture and humanity of others, and displaying a respect and understanding for authority and appropriateness.

Why is Civility Important?

Civility is about more than being polite and using good manners, both of which are very important. Civility fosters a deep self-awareness, even as it is characterized by true respect for others.

Civility can be measured in the following ways:

  • A decrease in personal attacks;
  • A perceived increase in the level of trust and cooperation between individuals and entities;
  • A willingness to listen to other points of view and reach compromises that support a community focus on needs over individual needs;
  • An increase in objectivity; or
  • An improved use of resources allowing for an increase in proactive activities rather than reactive activities.