ADHD and Learning Disability Testing

Testing for a learning disorder or ADHD

Counseling services offers testing services for students who may be interested in being tested for either a learning disorder or ADHD.

The ADHD testing may assist in receiving accommodations from the University’s Disability Services or to gain access to appropriate ADHD medications. The student should call Counseling Services at 864-503-5195 to set up an initial evaluation appointment.

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  • The full evaluation will cost $150. This fee is non-refundable. Generally speaking, the fees are not waived. However, in special circumstances, inquiries may be made through your Counseling Services therapist.

  • Payment is due before testing is scheduled. Please make an appointment if you feel you may be in need of testing services. This fee must be paid prior to scheduling your next testing appointment. Payments can be made online below.

  • Counseling Services neither files insurance nor does it belong to any HMO or PPO. You are ultimately responsible for your fees. An invoice will be offered to all students in event they would like to submit to their health insurance company for reimbursement.

  • Payments may be made online. You may also pay by cash, check or money order. Please make checks payable to USC Upstate.

  • Because evaluations are individualized to each client’s specific needs and referral concerns, the length of examinations varies from client to client. Generally speaking, evaluations can typically last from about 3 to 5 sessions (but can sometimes be longer). The length of each session depends on the client’s specific needs and referral concerns.

  • Generally speaking, the assessment process begins with a complete psychosocial evaluation. This will be followed by 2 to 4 examination sessions. Once all examination sessions have been conducted, a comprehensive report is written. Once the report is completed (about one to two weeks after final evaluative session), a final appointment to review findings will be scheduled.

  • To make an initial appointment with Counseling Services, call our office at 864-503-5195, or come by the John M. Rampey Jr. Center for Health and Counseling Services Building between 8:00 a.m. and 6 p.m. Monday through Friday. Prepare to share your contact information including your name, university email, birth date and your daytime phone number. Please know that full payment is required prior to scheduling the initial assessment appointment.